Update on Parallels 4.0

Posted on this Saturday, November 15, 2008 11:16 by caw
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Marching On

Last night I was able to chat with Tech Support for BitDefender and they emailed some instructions on how to uninstall BitDefender and then download the latest version of the software. Net result: Installed and working. Very Cool.

I went to upgrade my Windows XP install from SP2 to SP3. Got about half-way through it and had a device error. Net result: Had to roll back. It was 22:00 so I went to bed.

Got up this morning and started downloading the SP3 update. Net result: Installed and working.

Next were the optional software updates for .NET 1.1 and 2.0. Net result: Installed and working.

I’m installing browsers now (FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera). So far, so good.

All in all, I think I’m going to like Parallels 4. I have no hard evidence but things feel faster. I would assume that comes from running on both processor cores, not just one as they did in Parallels 3.

Caveat Emptor

Is it worth upgrading? Maybe.

If you have complicated VMs (such as Windows with Office and a boatload of user data) or you use your VMs in a production IT setting (say to run servers), you might want to hold off for a bit and let Parallels work out some of the bugs in the conversion process. They are quite clear that this is a one-way trip (can’t have Parallels 3 and 4 installed at the same time; you have to upgrade the VM to use it in Parallels 4; etc). Their website has information on the conversion process but nothing that I found especially helpful. I should say I didn’t try an contact the company when I hit the wall but my VMs are fairly simple.

If you like to play with new toys and are willing to take the risk of starting from scratch, by all means do the upgrade now.

I should note that the only VMs I had were Windows XP. I didn’t try the upgrade/conversion process with a Linux, FreeBSD or Sun Solaris operating system. At least one of the forums I was reading last night suggested the issue might just be a Microsoft thing. I don’t know and now I can’t test it.

And remember – back it up before you upgrade.


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