Am I Just Jaded?

Posted on this Tuesday, January 6, 2009 20:36 by caw
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Am I just getting jaded? Looking at the announcements from MacWorld today, I’m not seeing much of anything that makes me quiver with anticipation. To wit…

No new iPhone announcement? How about MobileMe or Aperture? What about news on Snow Leopard? I confess I have not watched the Key Note speech so maybe there is some nugget that’s going to make me excited but I’m not hopeful. Or perhaps the giant leaps we’ve seen in the last few years set my expectations too high. I know this is Apple’s last year at MacWorld and that the notion of trade shows is passé at best. Guess I was just expecting a bigger finish.



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  1. Benjamin on January 21st, 2009 10:17

    I do not find it all that surprising, as most companies have slowed forward process. Here it is going into year 2 on the current Danger Sidekick platform.

    I was expecting some kind of HUGE announcement about iPod Classic, but there hasnt been any news. I am still stuck with my 5th Gen iPod video, that refuses to play video after the 1.3 update, Simply because the new device just isnt that exciting, and I cant live with the touch’s limited space, and high price.

    I do miss how the “iBook” and “Powermac” series of computer used to look different, showing that one was more of a student model, and one a proffesional model. Oh well. Maybe at the next Macworld announcement right?

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