First Post with Contribute CS4

Posted on this Wednesday, March 11, 2009 20:44 by caw
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This is the first official post using Contribute CS4. I must say this time around ordering CS4 was fairly painless. That may because I waited several months to take the plunge. When I ordered CS3 it was right when it came out so I was competing with hundreds (thousands?) of other people. Adobe lost my order three times so… But this time, called it in on Thursday and had it the following Monday. Very nice.

Another thing that Adobe did right this time was the install process. Since I only have at 120GB drive on my MacBookPro, I had to uninstall Master Collection CS3 to install Master Collection CS4. And it went fairly easy. The CS3 install was a mess; the CS4 install was much better.

I must admit that Contribute CS4 seems to be do a better job adapting to my CSS theme files than the CS3 version did. Much easier on the eyes if nothing else. I’m looking forward to try posting pictures – always a pain in the CS3 version. And in-context spell checking. I think I might be in heaven! One thing that seems to be missing fro the UI is the categories. Tags are there but what happened to categories?


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