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Posted on this Saturday, March 14, 2009 17:32 by caw
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Two things that annoy me about the new Contribute CS4. The first is the lack of a "category" list similar to what they had in CS3.
I know I can fix it by hand via the WordPress Site Admin but that takes time.  And after all, I’m using Contribute CS4 to make life easier.

The second think has to do with the max image side you can post to your blog via Contribute CS4. I have gotten into the habit of posting screen shots related to my posts. Contribute wants to limit each image to 300×225. A tad small my purposes. I consulted the help docs and they indicated you could change in in Blog.Hub.CSI. I did and it made no difference. I also tried changing through the Contribute > Configure Blogs > [name of my blog. It shows the options to change it but you can’t put your cursor there nor can you type in new numbers.

If you happen to have any ideas, I’d love to here them.


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