iPhone 2.0 is Coming!

Posted on this Monday, June 9, 2008 14:09 by caw
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At last, Apple has announced the 3G iPhone availability date – July 11th – which means we are that much closer to the release of the iPhone 2.0 software! While the new phone has some neat additions (like GPS) and faster network access, I’m looking forward to the new third-party applications that will be released using the iPhone SDK. At last we are going to get real apps, not just web pages.

Many of the features in the new iPhone software will be available as an update for the iPod touch – for a fee. The last update was $20 so I assume that is going to be the cost this time. Of course if you buy a new touch you get the update as part of the package.

Apple has also announced MobileMe, an upgraded .Mac service. Of note here is that Mail, Calendar, and Contacts all become push services rather than pullservices, meaning your iPhone doesn’t have to pole the servers once every x minutes to check for new messages. Instead, the servers send a notification to the iPhone that a new message has arrived. In addition to the new services, you also get an additional 10GB of disk space (20GB total) with MobileMe. I don’t know if the space for subaccounts got increased or not.

If you already have a .Mac account, it will be upgraded to MobileMe automatically. In addition to your email address as mac.com, you will also have an email address at me.com. Not sure I care that much but hey, it’s free.

The new iPhones will be available in 8GB (black only) and 16GB (black or white) and start at $199. Details are available on the Apple web site.


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