The 140 Character Lawsuit

Posted on this Tuesday, July 28, 2009 23:12 by caw
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In case you hadn’t heard, a Chicago woman named Amanda Bonnen, is being sued over a comment she posted on a social networking site, Twitter. Just to catch-up the late comers, Twitter is a "microblogging" web site. The site allows you to post messages in 140 characters or less. By way of comparison, SMS (the text message service on your cell phone), is limited to 160 character messages.

Amanda Bonnen is being sued for $50,000 by the Horizon Realty Group for defamation of character. What did Ms. Bonnen tweet that got her into this mess?

"@JessB123 You should just come anyway. Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for your? Horizon realty thinks it’s ok.

11:08 AM May 12th from web in reply to JessBergman"

I tried finding Ms. Bergman’s page on Twitter but it was no longer available. The few details I pulled are from this site here. I’m sure as this moves forward, more details will surface on the ‘net.

I am mentioning this only because it is one more example of how easy it is to get into a spot of trouble on these new, social networking web sites.  Employers may search the web to see what you have blogged about in the past, what web sites you frequent, what kind of material you search for. Many companies regularly troll the web looking to see what their own employees are saying about the company in their off-time. If it isn’t "appropriate" you could given the option to find a new job whether you wanted to or not!


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