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Posted on this Tuesday, June 24, 2008 10:50 by caw
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I have mentioned a number of times on my LJ blog that I love Adobe software. Their online store leaves a bit to be desired, though!

My latest adventure was ordering the CS3.3 upgrade (read “ordering Acrobat 9 Pro”). Yesterday, I placed my order thinking the software was available for download. When I went back a few hours later to check on it, the order was marked “Pending” and had “Preorder” in an obnoxious red font. I figured I’d have to wait. This morning, I have an email from them with my license key and instructions for downloading the software. I know they didn’t start shipping them today.

Could we use our vocabulary in a consistent fashion, please? Oi!

The whole episode smacks of the fiasco I had last spring trying to order the CS3 Master Collection. That one took several calls to the Adobe sales group and three (3) seperate orders!

You would think the company that produces such amazing software could hire a company to fix their online store!

Oh, and what’s this crap about not having an Acrobat 9 trial for Mac? To quote the FAQ on this…

Question: “Will there be a Macintosh trial version of Acrobat 9 Pro?”

Answer: “No, there will not be a trial version of Acrobat 9 Pro for the Macintosh.”

If you are interested in an Acrobat trial for the Mac, you need to look at version 8. That won’t help you hugely when you want to look at the new features the put in version 9, like say, PDF Portfolios! The whole point of the trial is to use the software in your environment. And they don’t offer Acrobat 9 Standard or Pro Extended on the Mac. This may be a side-effect of the PDF capabilities built into OS X (which I think would cover Acrobat 9 Standard). And Adobe doesn’t offer Presenter or Captivate so maybe that’s the reason for not offering Pro Extended.

All that said, I am quite excited about PDF Portfolios. I was watching a recent episode of the Creative Suite Podcast and they had a tutorial on building a Portfolio. I thought their application was interesting (the media/branding kit) but I was thinking about using them for photography. You could supply a prospective client with a collection of images along with information about your photography (rates, etc) with an easy user interface. No more zip’d file collections! And Adobe seems to have been a bit forward thinking in the files they won’t let you put in a collection like executables and disk images. Those would be an easy way to spread viruses.


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