Snow Leopard and Parallels 4.0.3846, NeatWorks 2.1.8

Posted on this Tuesday, September 1, 2009 16:14 by caw
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Like many of you, I was at my favorite mac store, macmedia in peoria, to pick up my copy of OS X Snow Leopard. Tighter, faster, more stable, better security, 64-bits – in short all words that are music to my ears. But into every life a little rain must fall.

Parallels 4.0.3846

I’ve been using version 4.0.3844 for some time now and have really enjoyed the stability and versatility I get from the Parallels’ software. Last night I updated to 4.0.3846 figuring they had already found a few bugs and fixed ’em. Not so fast, Jack.

I left a Vista instance running on my MacBook Pro last night when I went to bed. Yes, I am one of the 12 people who bought Vista Home Premium but in my own defense, they have a deal where if you have XP, you pay for the Vista upgrade and when the new Windows 7 comes out on 22 October, you get that upgrade for free. Plus I need Vista to diagnose a problem for a friend so we all win in this case. (I wonder if the Giant of Redmond will feel pressed to release Windows 7 early?)

When I got up this morning, Parallels’ had crashed. I sent in a crash report like a good little customer and tried to start Vista again. No luck. Parallels starts, it just won’t load a windows VM.

I might see if it can install Ubuntu 9.04. That was a known issue fixed in 3846. Then I could try reloading a Windows instance but since the 3.x to 4.0 upgrade requirement to reload all my windows instances, I’m not going to think fondly of doing it again!

More to come on this one.

NeatReceipts and NeatWorks 2.1.8

NeatWorks is the software that runs with the NeatReceipts scanner. They have release a couple of updates in the last few days to fix bugs likely connected with Snow Leopard. I was doing some single page scans direct to PDF and in processing page 6 I got a crash report. I filled in the info about what I was doing and sent it off. The really cool thing about this crash was when I restarted NeatWorks, it completed the processing of the page that had failed and output a PDF.

NeatWorks Customer Service just rocks, too. When I bought my NeatReceipts scanner/software package I didn’t look for a Mac or PC version. My bad. They actually sell two different versions – one for PC’s and on for Mac’s. The scanner is the same in both flavors, just a different CD with the software. Because I called the same day I bought the scanner, the Customer Service Representative was able to "exchange" the software bundle by invalidating the PC key and sending me a new Mac key and a link to download the software. I don’t know if they do that on a regular basis or not, but they made me a very happy customer. (Huge thanks to Claudine Smith at Neat who made it happen!)


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  2. Scanalized on November 11th, 2009 14:07

    Have you previously used Neat on a PC? IMHO, the Mac version 2.1.9 pales in comparison to the current PC version. Currently I’m stuck with mac v2. Which cannot run categorized reports. The people a Neat are great. But…why doesn’t their mac product match the power of the PC version and/or make a version that will run on a VM or bootcamp partition?

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