Contribute CS4: So That’s How You Do It!

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Back in March, when I finally got the money together to buy CS4, my biggest complaint was this obnoxious pop-up I saw every time I wanted to add an image to a post:

Dialog box reading "Contribute decreased the size of the image because it exceeded the size limit set in BlogHub.csi file. To change the size limit modify this file."

(Yeah I know about the "Don’t show again" thing but I didn’t because it represented a problem I needed to fix.)

I used to see this dialog in Contribute CS3 as well and it just drove me nuts. I would update the file to set larger limits but it was like Contribute ignored the file settings just to irritate me! The other thing that just made me crazy is that no matter what format I chose for my images (JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc) Contribute would warn me that the format was not supported by my blog. (I use WordPress as my blogging engine but host it on my web site rather than

With CS4, I finally decided I was going to track this one down until I got an answer. I did some more research and found out that rather than hacking BlogHub.csi (an iffy thing at best), there are a couple of dialogs you can use to fix these problems.

What Does Your Blog Support?

The first is part of the Configure Blog Server dialog. You’ll find it (on the Mac) under Contribute > My Connections… > Other Blog Server.1 Select your blog server not you blog and then press Configure.

You should see the dialog shown above. Those three check boxes in the middle (Allow images, Allow audio, and Allow video) should be selected based on what you want to post to your blog. I turned them all on because while I’m only posting images now, I may do audio or video later on. There is also information about what your blog engine supports as far as comments, trackbacks, etc. Push the Update Support button to get that information, then press Close.

Image Size

Ok, we are half-way there. Now to fix the image size problem.

I got to this dialog via Contribute > Configure Blogs > Your Blog Name Here. Select New Images on the left and you should see the dialog above. The first the to do is decided whether or not you want Contribute CS4 to mess with you images or not. If you don’t, uncheck the Enable Contribute image processing when inserting images checkbox and press Close. You’re done.

If you want to all Contribute to resize large images for you, check the checkbox and enter a maximum with and height in pixels. Width and height are dependant on your blog layout. My width limit is around 460 on a descent size browser window. You can also set the JPEG Quality to control compression artifacts versus file size. I usually post at 60 but leave the limit at 70. Press Close. You’re done.

Adobe Documentation

If you search Adobe’s documentation on Contribute for "bloghub.csi" it will take you here. That only gives you the "image size" part of the problem. It doesn’t tell you the blog support stuff. That you can read about here. BTW, to find that nugget took a lot of following links and trying to think of related terms.

I do find it odd that there is so little video training for Contribute. The folks at only talk about it in the context of Dreamweaver. I looked at Layers Magazine and they had nothing. had nothing. The only training material I have found for it is at They have a five hour video on it. I may go sign-up with them for a month just to watch the video!

Contribute CS4 may be the only title out there with less documentation than Fireworks CS4!

1. To get an understanding of what "Blog Server" means in the context of Contribute, see Terry White’s Adobe Creative Suite Podcast episode Use Contribute CS3 to Post to Your Blog, dated 23 May 2007. It was done for CS3 but it still relevant to CS4.


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