Great iPhone 2.0 Review

Posted on this Monday, July 14, 2008 21:19 by caw
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Terry White has published his iPhone 3G/2.0 review on his blog. Like most of his reviews, this one is detailed and he lets you know the updside and downside. I must admit he was a bit more… polite… about the whole mess Friday morning than most of what I was reading on the ‘net.

I will be interested to see what the battery life turns out to be when people are actually using them on a "normal" day, i.e., not overcome with the dreaded New Toyitis! The 3G radio requires more power (so I’m told) and I would expect the GPS receiver to use more power when it’s trying to acquire the satellites.

One mystery he cleared up is why they put a Contacts app in the iPhone 2.0 software: you can search your contacts while on the phone! Yeah, I know, painfully obvious but it didn’t occur to me. In the 1.x version, you tapped the phone icon and then selected the Contacts tab to look up somebody and I don’t think you could do this while on the phone. Now hit the Home key during the call and then tap Contacts.


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