Why I Love macmedia!

Posted on this Friday, September 11, 2009 10:41 by caw
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Everyone I know knows I’m a rabid Apple fan. I have used their systems off-and-on since the original Apple ][‘s. Since 2005, they have been my platform-of-choice for everything I do. The latest Macs and OS X Snow Leopard are a work of art. I love Apple – don’t always agree with them but I do love what the make.

Now that Apple has opened their chain of retail stores, one question I get is why go to a mom-and-pop store rather than the Apple store? Two words – customer service.

While the new Apple stores might be flashier, and might generate more foot traffic than macmedia (more like a circus as my nearest Apple store is in the Arrowhead Mall), the folks at macmedia know me personally. They greet me by name, they know what I have and what my game plan is, and they go the extra mile to make sure I get what I need. To date I have purchased 7 Macs, 3 Airport Extremes, a Time Capsule, and an Apple TV from these folks and the list goes on. The cynical would say I should be expecting the red carpet treatment from them ’cause I paid for it but I don’t give money to just anybody. Take yesterday….

I called up around 14:30 with a problem with my daughter’s MacBook Black. iCal was core dumping at every startup. She has a Chemistry test coming up so she was having kittens. I tried all the standard stuff like Repairing Permissions via Disk Utility, deleting the plist and preference files, deleting references to calendars, etc. Still couldn’t fix it. I took it to macmedia and they poked at it for a bit and decided it might be a corrupted program file. The copied iCal from one of the demo Snow Leopard machines, loaded it onto my daughter’s MacBook and we were good-to-go. Took them 15 minutes and my total cost out the door was zip.

Here’s the answer to the cynics: they do this for every customer. Ok, they may not know them on sight but every person through their doors is going to get first-class second-to-none customer service. All the time, every time. Even if you are just looking at an iPod case! Sure, they want to make a profit – something we all know is hard to do in this economy – but they genuinely want to help you get the most from your Apple products.

Sure I’ve purchased things at the Apple store; generally items macmedia either didn’t stock or didn’t have on hand. But, my first visit is always macmedia. They are simply the best!



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