The PlayStation Store Needs Help!

Posted on this Saturday, July 19, 2008 07:35 by caw
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How is it that a company that spends millions developing consumer devices has such a lousy user interface for their online store? I’m speaking of Sony and their PlayStation Store.

They make great game systems (PSP, PS3) and they won the HD DVD war, couldn’t they hire someone to fix their UI? The Store’s interface is clunky when you are using on the PS3 but it’s even worse from your computer. They started releasing movies and TV shows online. Try browsing them one letter at a time! You have a page for the ‘A’ movies, then a page for the ‘B’ movies, then one for the ‘C’ movies and so on. If you select a letter without any movies (like say, Q) you get an error page! Not a “we don’t have any movies that start with that letter’ page, an error page! Why not a 404 and have done. Or better yet, don’t put the letter up in the first place!

The folks at Sony have some great things going with the PS3/PSP and the PS Store but they ought to spend a few dollars and hire some folks who understand UI’s. To date, I’ve made one, count ’em one, purchase in the online store and the reason is simple: it’s too much work to find anything. I’d have purchased the movie The Da Vinci Code there if I’d known it was there!

Maybe I just expect too much.


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