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Posted on this Tuesday, October 13, 2009 09:39 by caw
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If you have been a fan hand-held computing for any length of time, then you have probably read one of Hal Goldstein’s (thaddeus.com) magazines. He and his team (most of the content comes from the readers themselves) have published several over the years: The Portable Paper, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile and Smartphone. There are probably a few I’ve forgotten to mention. They publish a single magazine at any one time and it tracks the leading technology. Now they’ve put Microsoft to bed and brought out something new: iPhone Life (iPhoneLife.com).

Cover of iPhone LifeJust like their other magazines, there are articles about applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, stories about how people use their devices, how to use your iPhone or touch at work or home or with your kids. When I was into PocketPC and Windows Mobile devices, I had copies of every issue I could find, with articles tagged so I could find them when I needed to look up a tidbit. I shared more than a few of them with my friends to answer their questions.

If you have an iPhone and/or iPod touch (yeah, I have an iPhone 3Gs and a 1G iPod touch), or are thinking about getting one, you need to pick up this magazine. It may not change you’re life but then you never know. The Fall 2009 (Vol 1, No 4) issue is on the newstands now. Cost is $7.99.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a subscription to order.


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