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Posted on this Wednesday, October 14, 2009 09:21 by caw
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The guys at Nikon are at it again and have released the D3s. My uneducated guess is the D3Xs will come out in the spring and the D4 will come out November of 2010.

Frontal picture of Nikon D3s camera.(Image © 2009 Nikon, All Rights Reserved.)

This is definitely a everything including the kitchen sink. Major new features:

Why is everybody putting HD video into a still camera. Ever since Canon came out with the 5D Mark II and Vincent Laforet’s Reverie video, the industry has just gone nuts! Nikon now has four (4) DSLR cameras (D3s, D300s, D90, and the D5000) with video. Put one in a box of Frosted Flakes and maybe I’ll get excited!

Call me a dinosaur but I think there is always going to be a place, no a need, for high-quality still photography made with cameras that aren’t video-cams with a shutter release on the side. If nothing else, a still photograph gives the viewer time to interact with the image – to think about it and decided what it means to him. It’s damn tough to do that with video.

If this is the direction of the future, I may just save my pennies for a D3 and call it done.


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