ClarisWorks to Pages – With Office in Between

Posted on this Sunday, December 6, 2009 16:54 by caw
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A little history… When I purchased my first Mac laptop in late 2005 I also bought Office for Mac:2004. All I knew from work was Office and iWork seemed…slim…shall we say. It only had Key Note and Pages- both version 1 I think. When I updated to Leopard on my Intel-based Mac, I also switched to iWork – Apple had added Numbers after all and I was tired of Microsoft quirks messing with my Mac. And there was no way I was going to go to Office for Mac:2008 – no VB and macros, just AppleScript?

Times change and things usually come back to byte you.

A little more history… I was recently asked to get some files off a PowerMac 520. For those of you without the score card, a 520 and an MBP have no common interfaces. The 520 lacks FireWire, the Ethernet is an older style interface, the MBP doesn’t have a modem or floppy disk, etc. Oh one other thing: all the files the client wanted were done in ClarisWorks!

My solution was to buy a USB floppy drive, and then -  file by file – convert them to Word 4/5 format. Then copy ’em to the floppy and load them into the MBP. One hitch: the Client wanted them in Pages ’09 and Key Note ’09 format. Pages doesn’t speak Word 4/5 format and neither does Key Note.

I loaded Office for Mac:2008 onto my pristine Mac – so sad. I could read the files in Word:2004 but I couldn’t get to output an RTF Pages could read. I figured Word:2008 would. Yeah, I went and bought Office for Mac:2008!

And the process works: read ’em in ClarisWorks on the 520, save them as Word 4/5, write to a floppy, load to the MBP from the floppy, read them into Word:2008, write them as RTF, read them in Pages ’09 and save. Of course all of it has to be done manually – you can’t automate much.

And yes, as soon as I’m done, Office for Mac is toast – I hope…


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