The Concrete Jungle

Posted on this Sunday, December 13, 2009 06:58 by caw
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Call me silly but I hate highways. Sure, they sometimes get you where you want to go a bit faster (that is debatable; c.f., rush-hour in you favorite dictionary) and I guess they make it easier to locate things (again, debatable) but they totally lack character. They all look the same. Just miles and miles of concrete, frequently with concrete walls embracing them to cut down the noise that would otherwise flood nearby developments but that’s it!

Recently, a friend showed me a "back route" out of Anthem that gets me to the Loop 101 (yes a freeway!). The nice thing though is that it takes you through developments and by businesses. You get to see trees and cactus and other flora. What you don’t see are miles and miles of concrete or smell the diesel fumes of the truck front of you or get cut off by the idiot who wants to get somewhere 0.2 seconds faster!

There’s beauty in side streets, you just have to find it!


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