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Posted on this Sunday, June 6, 2010 01:48 by caw
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Yesterday I did two things I said I would not do: get into “video” via my DSLR camera and buy another DX-format camera.

I must admit I have thought of video-via-DSLR somewhere between a fad and a joke. It seemed reasonable that if you wanted stills you would use a DSLR and if you wanted video you would use one of the digital video cameras. How difficult can that be? Not very until I read a post on Sallee Photography’s blog. In it, there is a great quote: If you aren’t learning something new every day, you competion is! While I am not a wedding photographer (and not sure I would want to be one – the pressure of a once-in-a-lifetime shoot), there are other aspects of photography I am interested in such as portrait, pets and nature photography. Video-via-DSLR seems to be one of those things.

Which brings me to my second point: I’m not buying another DX-format camera. I’m not! I did, a Nikon D5000.  Now let’s clarify a couple of things. First and foremost, I got spoiled in a hurry by my FX-format D700, especially when I went to fast lenses. No more 1.5x conversion factors, no more “if I want a 75mm I have to use a 50mm lenses”, no more “I wish I had better color” or “I wish I had a higher ISO”, none of that. The full frame of the FX means lenses are what I expect them to be (i.e., an 85mm protrait lenses is really 85mm).

Second, why the DX-format D5000? Well that is a bit of perverted thinking on my part. Call it an experimental camera. I’m not interested in spending $6K to get an FX-format camera (read “D3s) until I know what video from a DSLR can do. (I know, several big name photographers have done amazing video with their cameras but I’m talking about me here.) Either way, I expect to “ebay” the D5000 within a year and, assuming I like what I see, buy a used D3s, which is what I really wanted in the first place. Better to lose a few hundred dollars than a few thousand, neh?

And about the October 14, 2009, post… ignore that one.


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