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Posted on this Friday, September 3, 2010 08:58 by caw
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Apple has released the new version of iTunes, iTunes 10. This one has new features (obviously) including the ability to rent HD TV episodes for 99¢, a new thing called Ping that lets you keep up with your favorite stars and their most rabid fans, new iPods for those who like to collect hardware, play music wirelessly via AirPlay on AirPlay-enabled speakers (I wonder how long it will take to get the first version of those out), plus some other  goodies.

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I know wireless is a popular item these days but is it becoming too much of a good thing? Chances are, if your house was built for you and you thought you might want to put in a security system, you probably had it hard-wired in. Why? Because you get contact points everywhere rather than the limited number a wireless system can support. Same with your surround sound.  Chances are you won’t be moving those speakers around too often, so again, you likely have them wired in. Phone lines? I bet you didn’t put them in every room, just the ones that would either support your wireless base-station or that would need them for PPV TV access. Computer networks? Have you secured them? Have you changed you passwords for them recently?

If you have a wireless setup for your keyboard or mouse, say hello to Bluetooth. Got a hands-free for you cell phone that came with the car? that’s Bluetooth too, and very easy to listen in on your conversations by the way.

All I’m saying is all that wireless may not be so great after all. The boxes outght to come with stickers that say "Use with Caution!"

For those who might not have been watching, Parallels’ has released a new version of their Parallels for Mac, version 5.0.9376. This looks like another patch release but I’ll post something if I see anything interesting.


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