Adobe CS 5.5 Announced

Posted on this Tuesday, April 12, 2011 13:54 by caw
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Adobe is finally doing something I have expected for a while: releasing an x.5 version between the x.0 versions (CS5, CS5.5, CS6). Technology is moving fast, especially mobile technology, and creative types need matching support technologies.

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Adobe has traditionally released on an 18-24 month schedule with a major Acrobat release in between. (1) Now they are going to change it so that there is an x.5 release at the midpoint between the major releases (to wit, x.0, x.5, x+1.0).

You can get all the details on the Adobe web site here: Master Collection, Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, and Production Premium. Also, Terry White has a list of CS5.5 information resources here.

In the past, in the mid-point between CS releases (for example, CS34 and CS5) there was a new Acrobat release (Acrobat 8 for CS3 to CS4, Acrobat 9 for CS4 to CS5, Acrobat X for CS5 to CS.x). The upgrades were $150 and you got a "credit" when you bought the new CS upgrade (it’s a warm fuzzy thing I think but I might just be cynical). It will be interesting to see what the new pricing will be for the CS5.5 upgrade if you have already purchased the Adobe Acrobat X upgrade. Now will you get the discount at the x.5 upgrade or at the x.0 upgrade? Probably at the x.5 upgrade; that’s where I’d expect to see the new version of Acrobat come out.

(1) This is my experience since I started using their products with CS2. I have no history before that nor do I have history with macromedia.


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