HP and their Printer Preferences

Posted on this Sunday, June 12, 2011 12:34 by caw
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Ok, don’t ordinarily rag on hp. In fact I love their printers; I’ve had several and am currently using an Photosmart Pro B9180 for printing my photos. I love their printers; I hate their printer preferences software. Why is it that the Paper Type/Quality > Source always defaults back to Main Tray? 99.9% of the time I use Ilford Galerie paper and you have to feed it through the Speciality Media Tray. Why can’t the printer software remember that? At least for the session? Instead, after every photo you print, the printer software defaults back to Main Tray! And since we’re ragging on hp, why can’t they get their software to talk to the printer and find out that yes, there really are printheads in there and they are really correctly installed. This is a case of the boy who cried wolf! The one time I have a printhead out of whack, I won’t believe it because their software always tells me there is a problem.


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