Have I mentioned…

Posted on this Wednesday, February 8, 2012 11:18 by caw
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Dear Mr. Balmer,

Have I mentioned
how much I hate that piece-of-garbage Windows Vista is? Even the I-paid-you-to-get-it copy I have? No OEM bloatware added. (Sorry, HP and Dell,but you "value add" is of little value. Just sayin’…) I’m running Vista in a VM on a MacBook Pro (dual core i7 @ 2.66 GHz, 8GB of RAM, etc.) running Lion 10.7.3 and Parallels 7. It shouldn’t run like a three (3) legged cat at the dog pound - and I’m just running Internet Exploder 8. (k12.com only works with Firefox 3 and IE 7/8 but don’t even get me started on them!) So it shouldn’t surprise me that a low-level COMPAQ (Celeron @ 3.33, 2 GB of RAM) with Home Basic is a two (2) legged cat! Of course you would think Home Basic would offset some of HP’s value-added bloatware. Not so much. I’m going to be upgrading that machine to Windows 7 but I don’t have much hope.

Don’t suppose you would reconsider your decision to EOL Windows XP would you? Didn’t think so. So very sad.

Well, Vista finished booting. Finally. Back to the hate mill…



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