Upgrade to iOS 10 and watchOS 3: Activity and Breathe

Posted on this Wednesday, September 21, 2016 19:08 by caw
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I did it: I upgraded my iPhone 6s to iOS 10 and my Apple Watch to watchOS 3. All this is preparation for the move to macOS Sierra. I don’t know that I have a burning need to change to Sierra but it would be nice to not have to type in a password all the time. In the old days, I’d have hopped on Sierra as soon as it came out. I was at Macmedia at midnight to get my copy of Leopard when it came out and the same for Snow Leopard. But since Yosemite, I’ve gotten a bit gun shy. I upgraded a MacBook Pro from Maverics to Yosemite and software I depended on had issues. The same thing happened with the move to El Capitan. Sigh…

I’ll be back from time-to-time and update this with my thoughts about iOS 10 / watchOS 3.

1. Activity App (watchOS 3) – There is a maxim in UI/UX that you don’t change the UI unless you absolutely have to and, even then, think before you do it. That makes sense. Your users have gotten used to navigating the app and, although they may not love the design, they know how to do what they need to. If you tinker with the UI, you risk irritating more people than you are going to make happy. Given that, I was rather surprised that Apple would redesign the Activity App on the watch. In the previous 2.x version, tapping the app brought up the bulls-eye screen (three concentric circles) showing calories burned, the number of minutes you’ve exercised, and the number of hours you’ve stood for at least one minute. Scroll down and you get summary details. Swipe left/right to get details for the three categories (calories, exercise, and standing). Scroll down to get more information. In the 3.0 version, all that is scrolled from the first view. The only swipe brings up information about those you are sharing activity information with. The information is the same, just in a single page. The graphs are smaller now, too.

Verdict: I’m annoyed at the moment although I know I’ll get over it someday. I find I keep swiping when I should be scrolling. This is the app I use most on the watch and, while all the data is in the same place, it’s not in the same format I’m used to.

2. Breathe (watchOS 3) – This is a new app and, at first, I thought it was a gimmick. Really, an app to get me to breathe?

Verdict: Having used it for a few days, maybe there is something to it. It does focus you in the moment. You have to pace the graphics with you breathing and, while it’s not difficult, it takes a bit of practice.


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