Hello, Lightroom…Again

Posted on this Saturday, January 26, 2013 18:25 by caw
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After about 4 years with Apple’s Aperture, I have decided to go back to Adobe Lightroom. (Yes, I know the official title is “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” but they can just get over it!) I started with Lr with the original beta and then version 1. I didn’t have a laptop with the horsepower for Aperture. By the time Lr 2 was out I had a new laptop and switched to Aperture.

Of the two, Aperture has the better interface. It fits the way a photographer thinks. The tools are more accessible and, most of all, the interface stays out of your way! The big down side was it didn’t handle metadata well and edits were destructive: you had to go back to the master to fix it.

For a while, it looked like Apple was more dedicated to Aperture than Adobe was to Lr (e.g., Apple was the first with plugins). Now I think the reverse is true: Apple cares more about iPhones and iPads and less about the software creative professionals use. Where Adobe keeps adding features to Lr, Apple’s improvements are new cameras for the RAW converter and better integration with iPhoto.

Oh well, I can add Lr to the rest of the Adobe software I use.

One thing… Pray for me. This conversion is going to be painful. Maybe I should take some drugs and a nap first!


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