GoLive is now GoDead

Posted on this Monday, May 5, 2008 14:52 by caw
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In case you missed it, Adobe has officially pulled the plug on GoLive in favor of Dreamweaver. The GoLive product page states, “Adobe plans to stop development and sales of Adobe® GoLive® 9 software, its legacy web authoring application, on April 28, 2008.”

It isn’t a surprise. Back in CS2.3 (which had the Macromedia-branded Dreamweaver 8), Adobe started offering a Dreamweaver extension to ease the migration from GoLive. With the CS3 release, the company told people to consider switching. When GoLive 9 was released, the products page suggested users consider the switch. The new version hasn’t had the warmest reception and is reported to be a bit, um, “buggy,” if you will.

I do confess the timing is a bit odd. I expected GoLive to get the axe when CS4 came out, probably sometime late next year. (Adobe tends toward 18 months or so between releases.) With CS4, I figured we would get GoLive’s user interface and SmartObjects paired with Dreamweaver’s core ’cause Dreamweaver’s UI is awful.

So there you have it. If you are (or were) a GoLive user, the company is offering a $199 upgrade to Dreamweaver CS3. If you like buying and downloading products from Adobe’s online store, pay attention to the fine print. GoLive CS/CS2 customers can go directly to the store. If you are a GoLive 5 or 9 customer, you need to call Adobe Customer Support for assistance.


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