Nikon D300 Firmware 1.10 Released

Posted on this Saturday, November 1, 2008 10:39 by caw
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Nikon finally released firmware v1.10 for the D300. This one has been rumored for a bit and actually showed up on new D300 cameras before it was available on the website for download (Mac, PC).

Nikon has put a number of enhancements and bug fixes in this release so you will want to visit the download page. A couple caught my eye. First, they have increased the minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO from 1/250 to 1/4000. They have also made some AF improvements and what looks like a number of menu changes. If you use the MB-D10 battery grip with your D300 (I do), there is a fix for battery type information. Some GPPS fixes.

Users of the WT-4a Wireless Transmitter should be happy. Nikon had previously released a firmware upgrade for the WT-4 that was incompatible with the D300 1.03 firmware. V1.10 fixes that problem.

If you have a D300, this looks like a firmware upgrade you are going to want. I have already upgraded my camera though I have not gone out to shooting yet. Hopefully this weekend.


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