Hello, Lightroom…Again

After about 4 years with Apple’s Aperture, I have decided to go back to Adobe Lightroom. (Yes, I know the official title is “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” but they can just get over it!) I started with Lr with the original beta and then version 1. I didn’t have a laptop with the horsepower for Aperture. […]

Adobe Master Collection 5.5: Contribute 5.1

cs5.5,adobe,software,cs5,contribute Disclaimer: I use Contribute purely for blog posts. If I want to update web pages I use Dreamweaver. Well, I did. I decided to go ahead and buy the CS5.5 upgrade. I was surprised to find that not every thing is 5.5 – several of the programs are 5.1. Don’t know that it matters […]

Adobe CS 5.5 Announced

cs 5,cs 5.5,adobe,software,creative suite Adobe is finally doing something I have expected for a while: releasing an x.5 version between the x.0 versions (CS5, CS5.5, CS6). Technology is moving fast, especially mobile technology, and creative types need matching support technologies. Image (c) 2011, Adobe, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Adobe has traditionally released on an 18-24 month schedule with […]

Contribute CS4: So That’s How You Do It!

cs4,cs3,contribute Back in March, when I finally got the money together to buy CS4, my biggest complaint was this obnoxious pop-up I saw every time I wanted to add an image to a post: (Yeah I know about the "Don’t show again" thing but I didn’t because it represented a problem I needed to fix.) […]

CS4 Screensavers, Wallpapers, and Icons

cs4,adobe,creative suite,goodies Terry White was kind enough to (again) post wallpapers and a screensaver for Adobe Creative Suite 4. (Visit here to get the files.) Several people commented that the images were…under-whelming…shall we say. Even John Nack from Adobe mentioned it in his blog. I kind of like them, especially the screensaver. After the "glitz" […]

First Post with Contribute CS4

cs4 This is the first official post using Contribute CS4. I must say this time around ordering CS4 was fairly painless. That may because I waited several months to take the plunge. When I ordered CS3 it was right when it came out so I was competing with hundreds (thousands?) of other people. Adobe lost […]

CS4 Shipping

cs4 I’m surprised. According to the Adobe web site, CS4 is shipping. I happened to notice the one-liner on their home page. That’s only three weeks since the "announcement" on Spetember 23rd. CS3 had a couple of months between announcement and start of shipping.

CS4 Announced: September 23rd

cs4,adobe,creative suite Adobe has announced the date for the formal unveiling of Creative Suite 4: Tuesday, 23 September 2008! You can register for the webcast here. While I don’t know that I will get to watch the webcast, I am looking forward to seeing what’s coming. We already know some of it through the CS4 […]

They Make My Head Spin

cranky ranting I have mentioned a number of times on my LJ blog that I love Adobe software. Their online store leaves a bit to be desired, though! My latest adventure was ordering the CS3.3 upgrade (read “ordering Acrobat 9 Pro”). Yesterday, I placed my order thinking the software was available for download. When I […]

Acrobat 9 in Pre-Order

Adobe,software It was about 13 months ago, end of April I think, when Adobe start shipping Design/Web CS3. Now they have CS3.3 with Acrobat 9. They must have people staying up late at night writing code! When they released Acrobat 8, Adobe had a Design Premium CS2.3 to go with it. For your $159 upgrade […]

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