Conclusion: Parallels vs. Fusion

I realized a few days ago that I never came back and closed the lose ends on Parallels vs Fusion. (Of course, we are in the midst of moving from one house to another so perhaps I could be forgiven this minor oversight.) Basically, it comes down to this: both do the same job, they […]

Parallels vs. Fusion

parallels,parallels 8,fusion,fusion 5,virtualization,software As I noted previously, I did get Parallels 8 installed on my MacBook Pro. The culprit was my Wacom Intuous5 touch tablet. They did have a hot fix for it I was able to download and install. Voila! Success! If you have used Parallels for a while, there aren’t that many features […]

I Got Parallels 8 Installed

software,install,parallels,parallels 8,vmware I did get Parallels installed. I found a thread in the forums that suggested the culprit might be my Wacom Intuos 5 touch pen tablet. I unplugged the tablet and the install worked fine. Glad it’s working; not so glad to be a beta tester in this case. Such is life in the […]

Installing Parallels Desktop for Mac 8 is a Typical Pain

parallels,parallels 8,software,install,vmware Our fine friends at Parallels have released a new version of their virtualization software, Parallels Desktop for Mac 8. In the past, Parallels has run about 50/50 when installing the new release without issues; call it a coin flip. This is one of the losers. I suppose to be fair, others have been […]


parallels,software,bugs I’ve talked before about how much I like Parallels’ Desktop for Mac (now at version 7). I’ve been using it since version 3 when I got my first Mac Book Pro. Some of the updates have been painful (I believe 4 to 5 was agony) but all in all, they have delivered new, mostly […]

Have I mentioned…

rant,windows,vista Dear Mr. Balmer, Have I mentioned how much I hate that piece-of-garbage Windows Vista is? Even the I-paid-you-to-get-it copy I have? No OEM bloatware added. (Sorry, HP and Dell,but you "value add" is of little value. Just sayin’…) I’m running Vista in a VM on a MacBook Pro (dual core i7 @ 2.66 GHz, […]

iTunes 10

iTunes,OS X,Wireless Whining,Parallels Apple has released the new version of iTunes, iTunes 10. This one has new features (obviously) including the ability to rent HD TV episodes for 99ยข, a new thing called Ping that lets you keep up with your favorite stars and their most rabid fans, new iPods for those who like to collect […]

iTunes Gets a Disk Upgrade

apple,osx,mac,snow leopard,RAID,disk drives,storage Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while is to put redundancy back in our iTunes server. Originally, I had two LaCie 500 GB drives that were mirrored (RAID 1). (See (a) in the figure below.) The iTunes library grew as we bought more seasons of TV shows, movies, and music, […]

iTunes 9.0.1 Update

iTunes 9 update,iPhone,iPod,os x,snow leopard Apple released an update (mainly bug fixes) to iTunes. This one, 9.0.1, doesn’t appear to add any new features, just clean up some odd behaviors. One issue I am interested in seeing the improvements for is syncing between iTunes, and iPhone and iPod touch. Maybe it’s a perception problem on […]

Scanning is Back!

Way back when we still had OS X Tiger 10.4, I bought an hp 3310 multifunction printer. In addition to printing, it scanned, faxed, copied and, with the optional attachment, get you coffee from your local Starbucks! hp had a software suite that worked well and everyone loved it. (Ok, "loved it" is a bit […]

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