Scanning is Back!

Way back when we still had OS X Tiger 10.4, I bought an hp 3310 multifunction printer. In addition to printing, it scanned, faxed, copied and, with the optional attachment, get you coffee from your local Starbucks! hp had a software suite that worked well and everyone loved it. (Ok, "loved it" is a bit […]

More on Parallels 4.0.3846

parallels,mac,software,osx,snow leopard Parallels seems to be liking my Windows VMs again. Some how the OS got the permissions to the VMs directory confused as read-only. A quick restart and we were back in business.

Snow Leopard and Parallels 4.0.3846, NeatWorks 2.1.8

parallels,mac,software,os x snow leopard,neatworks Like many of you, I was at my favorite mac store, macmedia in peoria, to pick up my copy of OS X Snow Leopard. Tighter, faster, more stable, better security, 64-bits – in short all words that are music to my ears. But into every life a little rain must fall. […]

Snow Leopard to Release 28 August 2009!

mac os x,snow leopard,10.6 “It’s Here!” From Apple: Apple today announced that Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard will go on sale Friday, August 28 at Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers, and that Apple’s online store is now accepting pre-orders. Snow Leopard builds on a decade of OS X innovation and success with […]

OS X 10.5.8 Update

apple,os x,10.5.8 Not to say I’m late but I do confess to being a bit behind in my blogging here at Nowhere! Apple has released what should be the final major Leopard update (10.5.8) before they release Snow Leopard (10.6) in September. From Apple’s Software Update note, this is the typical "enhances the stability, compatibility, […]

Latest Apple Update: ProKit 5.0

apple,os x,updates,aperture Apple has a new update out called ProKit Update 5.0. As shown below, this update is suggested for users of Apple’s pro software lines: Aperture, Logic, Final Cut, etc. It download’s in a blink and installation is almost as quick. Best thing? You don’t have to reboot your Mac afterward.

Safari 4 Trick

apple,os x,safari 4 Here’s a Safari 4 trick you may not have discovered yet. This is a quick way to open a new tab and load it with your "Top Sites" page. If you put your cursor in an open spot in the tab bar (see the red circle in the top photo below). Double […]

Safari 4.0.2 Update Available

apple,os x,safari Just in case you missed it, Apple has released a bug fix/security update for Safari. The new version is 4.0.2. From the Apple support page: This update (Version 4.0.2) is recommended for all Safari users and improves the stability of the Nitro JavaScript engine and includes the latest compatibility and security fixes. I […]

Mac OS X 10.5.7 Releases

apple,os x,10.5.7 Thursday Apple released Mac OS X 10.5.7. And, yes, I know, I’m a bit behind in my blogging! According to Apple, it "includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac." Scroll about half-way down the page and you get more detail. From the security perspective, there […]

More on Virtualization

parallels,virtualbox,mac,software I’ve spent a fair amount of time playing around with VMs since Parallels released version 4.0 of their Mac desktop virtualization software. I’ve downloaded various operating systems to see what I could install and what capabilities they had. Parallels 4.0 Update Available First a bit good news for some: Paralles 4.0 Build 3540 is […]

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