Sad Goodbye

photography,photoshelter,technology I know this isn’t news but Photoshelter is exiting the stock photography market. You can read their blog post about it here. For those who don’t know, Photoshelter started a stock photo service in 2007 call Photoshelter Collection. Photographers could submit some images and, if they liked your work, your images would be part […]

I Can’t Keep Up

nikon,photography,equipment Nikon has a new camera posted on their web site: the D90, long rumored as the replacement for the D80.They just released the D700 in July, the D60 earlier this year, the D3 and D300 last November. Cameras are a commodity item now! It used to be a body was in production for several […]

Back in Time

photography,nikon,film When I was a teenager, the best 35mm camera available was the Nikon F3. If you had the money, that was the camera to buy. I didn’t have the money ($1700) but I dreamed about having one and a bag full of lenses (primes because the according to the magazines, the telephotos weren’t as […]

It’s a Dangerous Thing, Part 2

i shoot crap!,self-inflated ego Or we could call this the “I shoot crap!” post. I’m officially over myself and my images for a bit. I just tossed 2GB worth of images in the trash because no matter how slick the tools are, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear! Damn good […]

It’s a Dangerous Thing

photography There is a dangerous aspect to being an avid, amature photographer: falling in love with your own work. It won’t get you hurt or anything but it can keep you from advancing your technique and ability, your vision. You get in a rut, photographs start looking the same and then – blah. Family and […]

A Decision Made

photography,rights management I think I made a decision about how to publish my photographs. Stop laughing! This is a big thing and required careful thought not because I’m selling images now but because I might want to in the future. And therein lies the dilemma. What you do today will control what you can do […]

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