Ad Sad

web,ads,kindle,amazon,ebooks,targeted ads I just read an article by Jared Newman on Macworld’s web site talking about Amazon’s new, "Ad Supported" Kindle. According to the article (and Amazon’s web site), Amazon will be offering a version of it’s Kindle Reader that supports ads for $114, a whole $25 off the $139 regular price. For this sizable […]

The Concrete Jungle

highways,concrete,total lack of character Call me silly but I hate highways. Sure, they sometimes get you where you want to go a bit faster (that is debatable; c.f., rush-hour in you favorite dictionary) and I guess they make it easier to locate things (again, debatable) but they totally lack character. They all look the same. […]

Do It for the Children…

social commentary,technology,stupid politicians Usually I’m immune to the stupid antics of politicians. They can’t help it. Most are lawyers so that’s two strikes against them. But this is just ridiculous. I read the story on Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi keep logs for police. The opening paragraph reads "Republican politicians on Thursday called for a […]