The PlayStation Store Needs Help!

ps3,psp,ps store How is it that a company that spends millions developing consumer devices has such a lousy user interface for their online store? I’m speaking of Sony and their PlayStation Store. They make great game systems (PSP, PS3) and they won the HD DVD war, couldn’t they hire someone to fix their UI? The […]

WordPress 2.6 Update

wordpress,software I knew this would happen. WordPress has released a 2.6 version of their engine. I usually keep the software I use up-to-date. My original plan was to load 2.5.1 and then stay put. There are some features in the new version I would like to use (Theme Previews, Press This, some of the minor […]

Great iPhone 2.0 Review

iphone 2.0 Terry White has published his iPhone 3G/2.0 review on his blog. Like most of his reviews, this one is detailed and he lets you know the updside and downside. I must admit he was a bit more… polite… about the whole mess Friday morning than most of what I was reading on the […]

It’s Here

iphone 2.0 Finally, today’s the day. Apple’s long awaited iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0 software, and MobileMe have arrived. And just like childbirth, the miracle arrived with some pain – ok, a lot of pain – but it’s worth it. I updated two iPhones today – one about 10:00 MST and one about 16:00 MST. It […]

iTunes 7.7 and the Apps Store

iphone 2.0 Not that I’m the first to notice it but the new iTunes is out (v7.7) and the Apps Store is up and running.  This is worse than Christmas Eve!

The Storm is Coming

iphone 2.0 It’s like that sceen from Return of the King, where Gandalf and Pippin are out on their balcony looking down on the plains of Gondor and at the mountains of Mordor in the distance. It’s dark and forboding and Gandalf says something about it being the last breath before the big battle. I’m […]