I Can’t Keep Up

nikon,photography,equipment Nikon has a new camera posted on their web site: the D90, long rumored as the replacement for the D80.They just released the D700 in July, the D60 earlier this year, the D3 and D300 last November. Cameras are a commodity item now! It used to be a body was in production for several […]

Back in Time

photography,nikon,film When I was a teenager, the best 35mm camera available was the Nikon F3. If you had the money, that was the camera to buy. I didn’t have the money ($1700) but I dreamed about having one and a bag full of lenses (primes because the according to the magazines, the telephotos weren’t as […]

Search Engines, My Photos and Privacy

search engines,privacy I was listening to NPR earlier this week and they had a story about a new search engine called Cuil (pronounced like the English word “cool”). Very trendy splash page: black background, grey and blue letters, a blue search button, and that’s about it. The intersting thing about them is they keep no […]