Content by Cory Doctorow

books,drm,copyright Cory Doctorow is a maverick thinker, an iconoclast’s iconoclast. If there is a person who symbolizes the way of marketing and selling his works in the on-line world, he’s it. He’s pretty consistent in attacking everyone’s model – TV, movies, music, and books, basically any model that uses digital rights management to limit electronic […]

iPhone App: i41CXp RPN Calculator with Printer

iphone,applications,hp 41C,calculators Let’s face it: the calculator bundled with most cell phones and smart devices is lame. It does the basics and that’s about it. That was certainly the case with the Calculator application on the iPhone and iPod touch 1.x and the one in the 2.x release isn’t much better. I’m an engineer by […]

iPhone App: eReader

iPhone,books,applications Several years ago, I used hp’s iPAQ PDAs and read books using the included Microsoft Reader. Using the web site, I had built up a fair bookshelf. As I have "converged" my life on the iPhone, a good ebook reader was high on my list of must haves. And now I do! The […]

Sad Goodbye

photography,photoshelter,technology I know this isn’t news but Photoshelter is exiting the stock photography market. You can read their blog post about it here. For those who don’t know, Photoshelter started a stock photo service in 2007 call Photoshelter Collection. Photographers could submit some images and, if they liked your work, your images would be part […]

Comments on The Assassin’s Accomplice by Kate Clifford Larson

books,civil war,lincoln assassination The Assassin’s Accomplice is an historical account of Mary Surratt’s involvement in the plot to murder Abraham Lincoln. As a result of her actions and a largely incompetent defense at the trial, she would become the first woman to be executed by the US Government. There was significant controversy surrounding her hanging […]

CS4 Announced: September 23rd

cs4,adobe,creative suite Adobe has announced the date for the formal unveiling of Creative Suite 4: Tuesday, 23 September 2008! You can register for the webcast here. While I don’t know that I will get to watch the webcast, I am looking forward to seeing what’s coming. We already know some of it through the CS4 […]