CS4 Shipping

cs4 I’m surprised. According to the Adobe web site, CS4 is shipping. I happened to notice the one-liner on their home page. That’s only three weeks since the "announcement" on Spetember 23rd. CS3 had a couple of months between announcement and start of shipping.

Sometimes I Even Like What I Shoot

family,portraits From the latest family birthday party. Aribella (1 year) and Nate (3 years).

Firmware Update 2.01 for Nikon D200

nikon d200,technology,photography Everything can be updated. Download the latest software, hook up your device and – bang! – your EEPROM gets the latest. Nikon has released firmware version 2.01 for the D200 camera (Mac here; Windows here). From the Nikon web site: An issue that, in some rare situations, caused the battery indicator to blink […]