More on Parallels 4.0

software,mac,parallels,iphone I have continued to play with Parallels 4.0 and for the most part I’m liking it. I’ve been a Parallels fan since I bought my MacBook Pro a year and a half ago. And in my setup, it’s been "install and forget" simple. My primary use for it has been to run Windows XP […]

iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 Update

iPhone 2.2 update,iPod touch 2.2 update Apple released the iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 update today. I’ve been expecting this for about a week now. Not sure why, just have. After all, Steve Jobs doesn’t ask my opinion or anything. This update is focused more on stability issues (Mail, Safari, call setup). There’s some new features in […]

Update on Parallels 4.0

software,mac,parallels Marching On Last night I was able to chat with Tech Support for BitDefender and they emailed some instructions on how to uninstall BitDefender and then download the latest version of the software. Net result: Installed and working. Very Cool. I went to upgrade my Windows XP install from SP2 to SP3. Got about […]

Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0

software,mac,parallels This is one of those good news/bad news sort of things. Good News: Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0 is out and it supports multiple processor cores. Bad News: I had to delete my Windows XP VMs because the convert process trashed ’em. Good News: The main thing I run on Windows is Internet Explorer. […]

Comments on Angels and Demons

books,fiction I like most anything that has to do with history – even fictitious history. Add art and architecture, secret societies and a good conspiracy theory and you’ve got all the makings of a good story. This is the second time I’ve read Angles and Demons by Dan Brown and I must say I enjoyed […]

Nikon D300 Firmware 1.10 Released

nikon,d300 Nikon finally released firmware v1.10 for the D300. This one has been rumored for a bit and actually showed up on new D300 cameras before it was available on the website for download (Mac, PC). Nikon has put a number of enhancements and bug fixes in this release so you will want to visit […]