iPhone 2.2.1 Update

iphone,apple Apple has released an iPhone update – version 2.2.1. This one is a bug fix release. Along with stability improvements for Safari, they have also fixed a problem with images saved from Mail not displaying correctly in the Camera Roll.

Windows 7 Beta Started

microsoft,windows 7 beta,windows Microsoft has started the beta period for Windows 7, their next release of the Windows operating system. Hopefully, they will focus on speed and stability – both characteristics that seemed to be lacking in the DRM-laden Vista. Apparently, I’m not the only person interested in trying the beta. Enough people tried to […]

Am I Just Jaded?

apple,macworld ’09 Am I just getting jaded? Looking at the announcements from MacWorld today, I’m not seeing much of anything that makes me quiver with anticipation. To wit… iTunes 8 – We are on version 8.0.2. There don’t appear to have been any major new features announced. iTunes Plus is now "the norm"? Didn’t this […]

New Year’s Resolutions

photography,writing,2009 resolutions Making New Year’s Resolutions are a tradition for most people. Most resolutions are things you know you should do but you lack the will power to actually follow through on them. I know that sounds harsh but it is January 1, 2009, and you need to be brutatally honest at least one day […]