Identifying iPod Models

which ipod are you I came across a neat post on the Apple support database for identifying the umpty different models of iPods the company has produced over the years. You can click here or go to > Support > Search Support: HT1353. They’ve got pictures and stats all the way back to the […]

Image Size in Contribute CS4

cs4,contribute cs4,adobe Two things that annoy me about the new Contribute CS4. The first is the lack of a "category" list similar to what they had in CS3. I know I can fix it by hand via the WordPress Site Admin but that takes time.  And after all, I’m using Contribute CS4 to make life […]

CS4 Screensavers, Wallpapers, and Icons

cs4,adobe,creative suite,goodies Terry White was kind enough to (again) post wallpapers and a screensaver for Adobe Creative Suite 4. (Visit here to get the files.) Several people commented that the images were…under-whelming…shall we say. Even John Nack from Adobe mentioned it in his blog. I kind of like them, especially the screensaver. After the "glitz" […]

Inquisitor for iPhone and iPod Touch

iphone,ipod touch,inquisitor,safari If you’ve used a Mac for very long, you have probably discovered the joys of Inquistor – a Safari plug in that starts finding results as you type letters into the search box. And it does a remarkable job. Now they have one as a stand-alone app for the iPhone / iPod touch. […]

First Post with Contribute CS4

cs4 This is the first official post using Contribute CS4. I must say this time around ordering CS4 was fairly painless. That may because I waited several months to take the plunge. When I ordered CS3 it was right when it came out so I was competing with hundreds (thousands?) of other people. Adobe lost […]

iTunes 8.1

Along with Apple’s new third gen iPod Shuffle is iTunes 8.1 and Front Row 2.1.7. Most of the improvements are speed related and enhancements to Genius – as in Genius for movies and TV shows.

"The Official Web Site"

the official web site I was visiting a number of author’s web sites today and noticed a rather curious thing…most of them have "The Official Web Site" as part of their banner. Why? Do those words have some magical property to them? Do you have to possess a certificate of "officialness" to be able to […]