CSS Sculptor 3: Don’t Bother!

software,web assist,css sculptor 3 I don’t, as a rule, write negative reviews. Sometimes a company does something that merits a "that was dumb" comment but as I said, I generally don’t slam products – except for Microsoft of course! That is about to change. Web Assist, a maker of extensions for Adobe Dreamweaver, has recently […]

iTunes 9.0.1 Update

iTunes 9 update,iPhone,iPod,os x,snow leopard Apple released an update (mainly bug fixes) to iTunes. This one, 9.0.1, doesn’t appear to add any new features, just clean up some odd behaviors. One issue I am interested in seeing the improvements for is syncing between iTunes, and iPhone and iPod touch. Maybe it’s a perception problem on […]

iTunes 9 Feature: Home Sharing

iTunes 9,iPhone,iPod,macs Much as I love Apple and Steve Jobs (good to have you back, Steve), I must confess that I take what Apple’s Marketing says with a grain of salt. Reality sometimes fails to live up to the hype. I know, some of you are thinking "he speaks heresy!" Think back to the whole […]

Why I Love macmedia!

macmedia,customer service Everyone I know knows I’m a rabid Apple fan. I have used their systems off-and-on since the original Apple ][‘s. Since 2005, they have been my platform-of-choice for everything I do. The latest Macs and OS X Snow Leopard are a work of art. I love Apple – don’t always agree with them […]

Contribute CS4: So That’s How You Do It!

cs4,cs3,contribute Back in March, when I finally got the money together to buy CS4, my biggest complaint was this obnoxious pop-up I saw every time I wanted to add an image to a post: (Yeah I know about the "Don’t show again" thing but I didn’t because it represented a problem I needed to fix.) […]

Scanning is Back!

Way back when we still had OS X Tiger 10.4, I bought an hp 3310 multifunction printer. In addition to printing, it scanned, faxed, copied and, with the optional attachment, get you coffee from your local Starbucks! hp had a software suite that worked well and everyone loved it. (Ok, "loved it" is a bit […]

More on Parallels 4.0.3846

parallels,mac,software,osx,snow leopard Parallels seems to be liking my Windows VMs again. Some how the OS got the permissions to the VMs directory confused as read-only. A quick restart and we were back in business.

Snow Leopard and Parallels 4.0.3846, NeatWorks 2.1.8

parallels,mac,software,os x snow leopard,neatworks Like many of you, I was at my favorite mac store, macmedia in peoria, to pick up my copy of OS X Snow Leopard. Tighter, faster, more stable, better security, 64-bits – in short all words that are music to my ears. But into every life a little rain must fall. […]