Did I Miss Something?

i don’t get it,nikon,d3s Did I miss something? I looked at some other web sites / blogs and nobody is saying squat about Nikon’s newest wonder, the D3s. Now either they aren’t reading their email or they are more taken with Adobe’s Photoshop app for the iPhone (which has gotten a lot of airtime). This […]

Nikon D3s

nikon,d3s,canon,5d mkii,d300s,d90,d5000,video The guys at Nikon are at it again and have released the D3s. My uneducated guess is the D3Xs will come out in the spring and the D4 will come out November of 2010. (Image © 2009 Nikon, All Rights Reserved.) This is definitely a everything including the kitchen sink. Major new features: […]

Welcome to an Old Friend

iphone,ipod,apple,magazines If you have been a fan hand-held computing for any length of time, then you have probably read one of Hal Goldstein’s (thaddeus.com) magazines. He and his team (most of the content comes from the readers themselves) have published several over the years: The Portable Paper, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile and Smartphone. There […]

iTunes Gets a Disk Upgrade

apple,osx,mac,snow leopard,RAID,disk drives,storage Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while is to put redundancy back in our iTunes server. Originally, I had two LaCie 500 GB drives that were mirrored (RAID 1). (See (a) in the figure below.) The iTunes library grew as we bought more seasons of TV shows, movies, and music, […]