The Concrete Jungle

highways,concrete,total lack of character Call me silly but I hate highways. Sure, they sometimes get you where you want to go a bit faster (that is debatable; c.f., rush-hour in you favorite dictionary) and I guess they make it easier to locate things (again, debatable) but they totally lack character. They all look the same. […]

Something New

iPhone,iPod touch,small screens Thanks to a post on Terry White’s Tech Blog, we have something new here at the Edge: a better view on your handheld device. The WordPress plugin, called WPtouch by the folks at, does all the heavy lifting. Configure the options (and there are lots to play with) and get just […]

ClarisWorks to Pages – With Office in Between

ms office 2008,ms office 2004,iWork 09 A little history… When I purchased my first Mac laptop in late 2005 I also bought Office for Mac:2004. All I knew from work was Office and iWork seemed…slim…shall we say. It only had Key Note and Pages- both version 1 I think. When I updated to Leopard on […]