Ad Sad

web,ads,kindle,amazon,ebooks,targeted ads I just read an article by Jared Newman on Macworld’s web site talking about Amazon’s new, "Ad Supported" Kindle. According to the article (and Amazon’s web site), Amazon will be offering a version of it’s Kindle Reader that supports ads for $114, a whole $25 off the $139 regular price. For this sizable […]

Adobe CS 5.5 Announced

cs 5,cs 5.5,adobe,software,creative suite Adobe is finally doing something I have expected for a while: releasing an x.5 version between the x.0 versions (CS5, CS5.5, CS6). Technology is moving fast, especially mobile technology, and creative types need matching support technologies. Image (c) 2011, Adobe, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Adobe has traditionally released on an 18-24 month schedule with […]