Parallels vs. Fusion

parallels,parallels 8,fusion,fusion 5,virtualization,software As I noted previously, I did get Parallels 8 installed on my MacBook Pro. The culprit was my Wacom Intuous5 touch tablet. They did have a hot fix for it I was able to download and install. Voila! Success! If you have used Parallels for a while, there aren’t that many features […]

I Got Parallels 8 Installed

software,install,parallels,parallels 8,vmware I did get Parallels installed. I found a thread in the forums that suggested the culprit might be my Wacom Intuos 5 touch pen tablet. I unplugged the tablet and the install worked fine. Glad it’s working; not so glad to be a beta tester in this case. Such is life in the […]

Installing Parallels Desktop for Mac 8 is a Typical Pain

parallels,parallels 8,software,install,vmware Our fine friends at Parallels have released a new version of their virtualization software, Parallels Desktop for Mac 8. In the past, Parallels has run about 50/50 when installing the new release without issues; call it a coin flip. This is one of the losers. I suppose to be fair, others have been […]